Borderlands 3 pandora carnivora dead claptrap

This page contains information and locations of the Dead Claptraps you can find in several regions of Borderlands 3. Your main buddy Claptrap is a last of his kind, but he's hard at work on building himself a girlfriend - but he'll need you're help locating spare parts from the forgotten husks of old Claptrap robots found in various places on different planets.

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Dead Claptrap Locations below are divided up into regions. You can also view our Interactive Maps for more information.

You can find this Claptrap located in the scrapyard above Ellie's Garage near the entrance area of the Droughts, by heading up the path located behind her garage. Once you reach the makeshift demolition derby area filled with COV bandits driving cars, look behind the rows of stacked cars nears the far ledges to find a Dead Claptrap hanging upside down over the abyss.

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You can find this Claptrap in the middle area of The Droughts near a rest stop and Catch a Ride station, located past the path up to the Crimson Raiders Drydock, heading towards the path to Ascension Bluff. When you spot the sign for the Catch A Ride in the middle of the road, look down below it by some ruined cars to find the Dead Claptrap perched on some debris.

You can find a lone dead Claptrap on the Ascension Bluff along the Path of Sacrifice leading to the main building on the region. After passing the main gate and going up the plateau path, look for a center divider with large debris and you'll find a red Claptrap tied to a post, and can climb up to reach it.

This Dead Claptrap can be found at the Sin-e-plex located on the northeast side of the Devil's Razor area, where you'll find a large junkyard area with a giant drive-in movie screen. Head to the very northwest corner of the area under the movie screen to find a small alcove with an open shipping container, leading to a little hovel where the remains of the claptrap can be found.

This dead claptrap can be found in the middle area along the cliffsides, not far from the large rollercoaster complex that can easily be seen along the road. Go around the entrance to the rollercoaster area itself to find a large plateau on the other side of the complex, and nearby you'll find a broken car and umbrella, with the remains of a claptrap stuck in a large tire.

This dead Claptrap can be found in a small hidden room in the region of Carnivora, located in the Stacked Deck bandit town near the start of the region.

As soon as you enter the stacked deck, move south through the town while hanging along the left side, and you'll find an open doorway with a red light shining out. This leads to a trap door where you'll find the remains of the claptrap down inside.

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You can find this discarded Claptrap inside the Guts of Carnivora, towards the end of the dungeon between the Windshaken Catwalks and right outside Mack's Head Room. Fight your way through the guts all the way up through the top level, until you reach the end of the outdoor catwalk to find a section to the side of the boss door, where a dead Claptrap sits at the end of a conveyor belt.

The first of two dead claptraps that are located in Konrad's Hold can be found in the far northwestern corner of the map, located in the Fallback Tracks area. Once you fight your way close to the last large building after passing into a large outdoor area, look in the top area along the cliffside to find a small cart track leading to the cliff, with the dead claptrap located in a mine cart.There are 35 Dead Claptrap challenges in total.

Claptrap will first notify the player of his plans when they get close to the location of a dead Claptrap unit eg. He explains that he found a core and speech processor that he integrated into a decommissioned Claptrap unit, which was revealed to be VR-0N1CA. Being in a very poor state, and realizing that VR-0N1CA is possibly the last of her kind, Claptrap orders the Vault Hunters to seek for spare parts all across the galaxy on dead Claptraps, so he could rebuild her to his liking, equip her with the best parts, and finally put an end to his loneliness.

Dead Claptrap challenges are relatively straightforward, requiring the player to simply explore the map as much as possible. Many of them are simply out in the open, though some may be more well hidden.

All dead Claptrap units met their end in a typically humorous situation, and contain a single functioning mechanism that Claptrap will ask the Vault Hunters to collect. Signal to Noise. Ava's Murder Mastery. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Under Construction. Salvage parts from decommissioned Claptrap units found around the galaxy to help Claptrap build a friend.

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Borderlands 3 - Dead Claptrap locations explained

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borderlands 3 pandora carnivora dead claptrap

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Article Menu. Most Popular.Do you want Clatrap to give you a break in Borderlands 3? Then help him build a new robot friend.

If you don't want to miss any spare parts to recover on Pandora's Dead Claptrap, this is the place to go. First zone of the game and already two Dead Claptrap to recover. They do everything to be in danger of disappearing these robots of misfortune. On this map, you are shown the location of the two Claptrap in question, as you can see below:. Why make it complicated when you can make it simple? Just go to the places indicated on our map and you will find the carcasses of the small robot. In this area of the game, a Claptrap was sacrificed by the DDAs.

It's sad, but it doesn't mean we can't find him. Go to the place indicated. On this map, you are shown the location of the Claptrap in question, as you can see below:.

In Pandora's third zone, it seems that a Claptrap got lost in a dark room to die there. Steal the pieces left on him by going to the indicated place.

Dead Claptrap - Carnivora - Pandora - Borderlands 3 - Game Guides + Collectibles Hub

No one will object to that, he's dead anyway. In the fourth area of this charming planet, a Claptrap hit a tire. Believing he was doing the right thing, it seems he never came out. That's still one more dead Claptrap for your crop.

Borderlands 3 guide: Guts of Carnivora challenges

In this bloody carnival zone. You will face a giant boss who is literally a vehicle. We're not here for that, we're just picking up Claptrap spare parts.

borderlands 3 pandora carnivora dead claptrap

Find this container with the red tones that emanate from it. Inside, a dead Claptrap used as a battery by bad bandits.

Once in the mechanical monster, you won't find much except that a Claptrap has managed to die here again. Collect the pieces by going to the point indicated on our map. These robots must have had a manufacturing problem. One of Pandora's last areas.Dead Claptraps are a kind of crew challenge in Borderlands 3.

Each locations will be marked on the map when you get near it, and you can check how many there are in each area through the crew challenges menu. The first one we found in the The Droughts was used for its Gyroscopic Rotor.

You can find it in the southeastern corner of the map, at the junkyard arena. Claptrap will comment something about it being used as a pinata. The claptrap part in this area is in the south of the map. Head south from the base and go into the cave under the bridge. The dead claptrap in the Metroplex is in a tunnel in the middle of the city.

The first claptrap in Lectra City will give you an Eye Rotor. The second one is in the middle of the map. You can get an 8th Generation Emotive Resonator from it. The first one in Athenas will drop the Poetry Module. The second dead claptrap contains the Singing Module.

It is located in the southern part of the map, on top of a pink building. The first claptrap in Skywell will give you a Dubstep Library. When you walk into the room marked on the map, look up and to the left. The next one has the Antenna, and is hidden away in the northern part of the upper level. Climb the hill on the left and jump across the gap to get to it. The wreckage is behind the counter. The robot in this area will give you the Antenna Accessory. It will be on the train tracks.

The first claptrap in the Anvil is near the prison entrance.

Borderlands 3 guide: Guts of Carnivora challenges

As you enter, turn left and go into the adjoining room. The second one is in the northwestern part of the complex. It is tied to the table in a small room. The first one is in the northern part of the map. The next one is in the northeast. Loot it to get a Multi-Tasking Modifier. This one will give you the Dance Protocol Driver.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Here are all of the Borderlands 3 Guts of Carnivora challenge locations on Pandora. Check out the completed area map below, as well as individual images for each challenge location. These challenges reward great experience and sometimes even enhance your vehicles. Picking them up is always worthwhile, but some of them can be a real pain to find. Look for the small, gray icons on the map above to find the challenges in Guts of Carnivora.

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Share this story Twitter Facebook.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Find out everything there is to know about the Dead Claptrap challenges in Borderlands 3 here. This includes claptrap locations, how to get to them, and more! Claptrap is in need of parts and the only place you can get them is from dead CL4P-TP units scattered across the worlds.

There's at least one in most maps. Dead Claptraps are unmarked in the maps. You'll need to discover their location before they'll appear there.

This is regardless of whether you salvaged it already or not. It's a sure way of getting this Legendary weapon! A new Claptrap called Veronica will be stationed in Sanctuary after salvaging parts from all Dead Claptraps. Head on over to Claptrap's area to activate her.

borderlands 3 pandora carnivora dead claptrap

It's in the the far end of the Race Track area behind a fence of cars. It's on top of a rundown car. To the right of the screen is a cargo box where you'll find the claptrap. Go around the roller coaster complex in the Splinterlands to get to this Dead Claptrap. It's stuck in a tire in the area behind the roller coaster. The Dead Claptrap is hidden under one of the buildings in the Stack Decked.

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The entrance is a red lit room under the walkway with a hole to where the Claptrap is. Continue through Konrad's Hold until you get to the Fallback Tracks. Go to where the upward conveyor belt is since the Dead Claptrap is right in front of it. From the Last Stand Yard, head to the end of the rails where it drops down to a nest of Varkids. It's in front of the ravine right on top of a small cargo box.

Its entrance is blocked by 3 wooden planks that you can melee. It's stuck in Ratch Nest inside a small cave. You'll find this Claptrap broken at the end of a set of stairs near the Dynasty Diner. The stairs are to the left when facing the double stairs going to the 2nd floor.

borderlands 3 pandora carnivora dead claptrap

Head down the the lower end of the Downtown Square to get to the Dead Claptrap there. Look for the small corner with the Welcome Home neon sign and you'll see it.

From the Fast Travel Station, keep going straight then climb up the building with the yellow paint. Head right and up the stairs. The Dead Claptrap is on top of the shed next to the stairs. You'll need to go through most of Skywell before you can get this Claptrap. It's in a small space that you'll need to jump to. The space itself is lit with a red light. You'll need to do a bit of climbing to get to this Claptrap.

Right after exiting the Maintenance Corridor, continue forward until you see a high rock formation. Climb the one opposite it and jump to get to the Claptrap! Head up to the second floor and you'll find it on the right side of the building.